Sunday, October 6, 2013

Halloween and October

Halloween is turning out to be a buys month. Of course, for me and my daughter it's the 31 days of Halloween costumes. We're starting a little weak, but her birthday was this past week, so she had a party of course, then I had a stamping class on Saturday and she was sick on Sunday. Photos are only up on Facebook this year. I may post some on Google+ but really hate posting photos twice.

The events on the calendar are pirate festivals (2 possible), a zombie walk, any Halloween activities for Kira, and my stamping classes. I have Kira's zombie dress to finish and I don't have a costume for myself but I think I can improvise - I may just order a bustle for me and see about making parts of other costumes work. We'll see how that goes! Plus I need to bring in some extra money, so I should work on some cards and items for my etsy shop even though I am rather disappointed in etsy's move to allow manufacturing into their handmade marketplace. Once a company on etsy reaches the point where they need to manufacture, shouldn't they start their own website? That would be growing, leaving etsy for a larger following because they obviously don't need etsy to do their marketing for them any more.

My western story idea is taking shape. I've been reading Louis L'Amour and watching Tom Selleck westerns to prepare and I actually feel confident about the story. Hopefully when I start writing it, I'll continue to feel as confident. My weakest part of writing is editing. I think I come up with a pretty strong story idea and can actually get most of it down, but when it comes to rewrites and editing I seem to fizzle. Maybe I should seriously consider paying for an editor to read my stories. I did consider it once, even to the point of the free evaluation, but didn't feel the story was strong enough to continue. Hopefully this new story will get me through the entire process.

On a side note, I am very disappointed in our government. Shutting down everything because a few people aren't getting their way? They are hijacking democracy for their own perverted ends. That's terrorism! My family is being impacted directly from this shut down. My dad is a contractor on a military base - they may withhold his pay and have revoked all leave. How are my parents to make ends meet without the pay? And making him work 7 days a week indefinitely? That's inhumane! And my husband who is a contractor working abroad may not be able to return home because of a bureaucratic office of our government closed because of the shutdown. That's not right. I hope everyone sends nasty letters to their congressmen and representatives telling them to get back to work or take their pay and healthcare away until this is resolved. We the people are entitled to everything congress gets. They are not privileged. Their should be no privileged class in this day and age. Everyone is equal and that means we are all entitled to the same benefits that modern society can provide. If we can't have those benefits, no one should get them! Excuse my rant, but this may be the end of democracy in America.