Monday, September 23, 2013

Writing exercise

Qualities of my ideal writing guidebook:
concise, helpful, not condescending, well thought out, enjoyable, exciting, makes me want to write, fun, silly, annoying, confidence inspiring, teaches how to write, explains what writing is, explains how to work at being a writer, teaches how to motivate myself, makes me want to do better, teaches how to make my writing stronger and less wordy, best use of point of view, writing characters, reviews dialogue, helps me with setting, makes me feel like a writer.

Qualities of my ideal writing class:
Friendly, ask for help, teacher is there to be useful, classmates are non-judgmental, a non-hostile environment, learning how to read our own work out loud and to others, editing techniques, ways to use what others suggest, enjoyable, feels more like a gathering than a class

Best student-like qualities:
At the beginning I am very focused and eager to learn, I like sitting up front in a class, I take good notes, know how to listen, am willing to participate, am friendly to others, I don't judge the teacher until I've been in the class 3 or 4 times, when it's a subject that really interests me I am willing to put aside distractions and tend to throw myself into the work, I enjoy a deadline and find it easier when I know I have a limited time to get something done, I frequently re-read my notes to make sure I understand what I learned, if I don't understand something I like it repeated until I do figure it out, I am willing to practice/learn outside of class if it helps me get the material, I try to make friends with my classmates and teacher or at least get to know them, I can focus on a favorite subject, I think we can all be better learners