Monday, September 30, 2013

GaelSong contest

For the past few years has had a writing contest on their site. I entered last year but didn't place. Maybe it's because of voting and to be considered the entry needs to be early enough in October to get enough readers and votes. This year I've been thinking about the image and what to write to it since I saw it released. Here's my current attempt. I will change it in the next few days to hopefully make it stronger and more effective. for the image

The autumn chill arives with the turn of the seasons. As I gaze into the crystal balls I see the coming winter. The change of the seasons and the end of the celtic year mean rebirth. The land will sleep and the owls will watch over us as the cycle turns ever onward.

Candles light the darkness and I reach for an old book as though reaching for an old friend. The key to who I am lies in the pages of those old books. What I want to be and what I could be are on those pages. I know the books will bring me comfort in the cold months ahead. I will need to warm my heart to keep looking forward to the rebirth in the spring. Winter is the perfect time to renew oneself and contemplate where you wish to go. And since the trees are bare and the plants and animals sleep through the long cold months, it's also a time to reflect on our mortality. Not in fear, but in the accomplishments we wish to make before our time is up. If I look closely into the crystal ball, I can see the clock hands and the time when they stop. It doesn't terrify me, this knowledge that my life will end one day, but gives me hope that I will finish all that I desire to complete before that last tick.

My heart is comforted by the old books and the wisdom reflected in the owls' eyes. I remembe the name of the goblet as "forevermore" and know that nothing lasts forever, but our love and passions in those that we care for and care for us. That love of those that have gone before and will come after is what I yearn to keep. Forevermore. Forevermore.