Monday, August 12, 2013

San Diego Comic Con 2013

This post is over due - going to Comic Con then moving across country then shipping husband off overseas and starting child in 3rd grade in the course of 2 weeks is an exhausting endeavor!

So here I am, 7 year old is in school, husband is somewhere in Africa, and I am adjusting to life back on the east coast.

We arrived at Comic Con on Saturday night. I got tickets to see Serenity at Petco Park (the baseball stadium). We took a shuttle bus from our Holiday Inn to the convention center and was astounded by the amount of people. It took 15 minutes before the bus was able to pull up so we could get off. We saw Lou Ferigno walking on the sidewalk as well as some amazing costumes. Small child, hubby, and I got off the bus and moved to the side to decide our next course. We were standing there maybe 5 minutes when someone called hubby's name. It was a coworker. What are the odds? If we'd planned it, it wouldn't have worked out that well.

So we trekked our way through the crowd to the stadium to wait in line. I learned that most of Comic Con is waiting in lines. We saw some pretty amazing sites outside of the con, while waiting in that line. At last we got in to the stadium, found a nice spot on the grass in the outfield, and waited for the movie. There was a rope line between the crowd and the screen and after dark, a man with a beard (I didn't recognize him but later learned it was Zachary Levi) did cartwheels in front of the screen. This was the inauguration of movies at the Park. Shortly after he introduced the movie, Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk came out and spoke a bit about Serenity and then for about the first 10 minutes of the movie, did an awesome MST3K.

Seeing Serenity in the Park, with the sounds echoing off the stands was mind blowing. I mean, how often do you get to see a movie in a baseball stadium? Let alone sitting on the field???

The movie ended, we all applauded and started filing back though the tunnel. Up above us on a balcony was Mr. Fillion interacting with the crowd. He waved, threatened to dive into the crowd - of which we offered to catch him (he was 4 or 5 stories up), and seemed really happy to be speaking to his fans. Our small child (who was perched on hubby's shoulders) called up to him, "I love you Cap'n Mal!" to which he replied, "I love you, too, small child I cannot see." We had our nerd-gasm and walked out the gates.

We trekked back to the busses (it now being 11:30 pm) and back to our hotel.

The next morning, we got up, had breakfast and shuttled back to the convention center. The line to get our badges was amazingly fast. We got our swag and headed down to the exhibition hall. I must say - having been to GenCon, I was expecting something big. This was bigger than I even imagined, and I'd seen the map, photos, and video footage. And the number of people! Woah!

So we had a list of booths we wanted to visit so started circling our way through the rows of exhibitors. We made it over to the Quantum Mechanics booth where I knew John Barrowman had been doing autographs all weekend, unsure what his schedule was. We saw him, got photos with him and autographs from him. To start the day with him was just amazing. It was all just walking around seeing cool stuff and enjoying being at Comic Con. I'm sure we missed some awesome things. We went passed the Marvel booth where Tom Hiddleston was signing autographs and the line was so long we didn't stop. There was something going on  at the CBS booth but we were on the wrong side to see what it was. All of it was mind blowing.

Now that we've been to Comic Con - we have the chance to go again when pre-registration starts. There are so many people and it is so crazy, but everyone is a geek/nerd and it's like being surrounded by one hundred thousand friends. Just too amazing!