Monday, August 19, 2013

Etsy shop back online

Last night I decided to restart my etsy shop. Now that I'm back in Florida, I can sell my things that have been packed away for a year and a half. I've missed crafting and can now get back to doing something I love! Of course, my craft room is still a mess and needs massive reorganizing and clearing but I'm working on it! I only have the plastic canvas gift boxes on etsy right now - they're the first things I came across. I realized I don't have a complete set of them - there are supposed  to be 12 in all - one for each month. But I think three were sold and I didn't get around to replacing them, so there's a project for me. The October box is one of the missing ones, so I guess that will be the first one I make. Hopefully my sales this time around will be better because we could really use some extra money.

I am planning on a yard/garage sale in a few weeks to clear out some of the doubles from having the house here and the apartment in California. And there is furniture we don't need or use or want that we are going to sell. There's a bedroom set, a dining/patio set, and perhaps some odds and ends furniture - not sure. Do I want to try to sell a complete 8 piece bedroom set at a garage sale or sell it online with photos? It's solid oak and made in southern Pennsylvania - don't think it's Amish but it is good workmanship.

It really isn't fun trying to sort through boxes and find supplies and get organized. Like my daughter says, "Why can't it do itself?" She hates homework. This is my homework. She has to go to school and I get to organize a house. I've got paint colors decided on, except for the living room. The original color we liked was a shade of green but now that color looks like pea soup and not appealing. I think green will still be nice in the living room, but I have to work on a new shade.