Monday, July 15, 2013

Just a rant, feel free to ignore me....

I am really not political and am not one to rant (except maybe to my husband). But I read some news last week that bothered me. In Florida, the un-dead governor (if you haven't seen Rick Scott or his mother - go take a look. They have dead eyes and appear to be zombies) has passed a bill that bans illegal online gambling. That's an oxymoron to start - if it's illegal it's already banned. The problem comes with the wording of this bill. I have read it an cannot believe it hasn't created a massive storm of controversy but that's Florida for you. Basically it states that if you do any online transactions with a credit card that is illegal. So in Florida, online banking, bill paying, ordering tickets to a concert - all are illegal. Go ahead Florida - just you try to enforce that one.

One thing it got rid of was ClubWPT - an online non gambling internet site where poker players could have chances to play in the WPT. It's a sweepstakes page basically because of the online poker fiasco a few years ago. I am not a gambler but how dare anyone tell anyone else how they can spend their money? If I choose to blow all my money gambling (and all poker players will tell you that poker is not gambling) then damn it, I am going to do that. The government should not be a parent telling us what is good and bad for us. I am capable of making that decision and ignoring the bad.

Of course, that takes me into the drug war - where recreational drugs are bad but prescription drugs are good. How is this better for us? Why does a drug company who is out to make every cent they can off the sick get to make the decision what I can and can't put in my body? Prohibition doesn't work. If it's out there, it'll be abused. But treat these problems like problems, not criminal offenses.

I am mostly proud of our government, but the hatred, control, bigotry, and just plain evilness that is appearing makes me want to kick everyone in government out and start all over with people who do NOT want to be in office.

There - I've had my rant and said my peace. You may see things differently than I do, but that's your opinion.