Monday, July 1, 2013

Challenge Accepted

While reading my Google+ page, someone posted about Fandom Music Video Awards at Dragon*Con on a Firefly board. So I read the rules and the entry requirements and thought that I can do this. So, this weekend, I dusted off my knowledge of Adobe and got to work re-editing my video of The Avengers: We Stand Together (posted last year on YouTube). I honestly didn't think I would have it done by this weekend. But I got it done. Amazing!

The original edit on YouTube was pieced together with trailers and whatever I could find on the internet. This new incarnation is of shots I wanted to use but didn't have. It's strange how things morph over time and how things that came easily the first time get harder. Matching music to the footage was harder than I remember, but maybe that's because I was fighting myself and the flow wasn't as strong this time. Over the next few days, I will view the video a few times to make sure the feel I want is there and then I will upload it somewhere and enter it into the contest.

Yes, the Avengers is not Firefly. But, it's for any fandom, so I am covered. I can enter in a total of three videos is 12 possible catagories, so I am thinking of working on a Firefly video. Just have to find the right music and inspiration to start that.

The music for my Avengers video is Nickleback - When We Stand Together. I know that Nickelback has a love/hate relationship with listeners, but the message in the song is what is important to me and it fits so well with the Avengers. I have had many comments on the YouTube video that it is inspirational and a great joining of music and genre and my video is just fun. And how can anyone hate any type of music anyway? It's music.

I know I posted a link to the video before, but here it is again:

When I get the new video uploaded, I will post a link. Now I am off to find a inspiration for a Firefly themed video.