Sunday, June 10, 2012

Busy June

So far the month hasn't been too crazy, but it's about to go into overdrive. This month is 30 Days of Creativity which I was hoping to attempt but I learned at the end of the first day that I was just asking too much of myself. It's a great idea, and Kira and I have done a few of the challenges but there's no way we're going to be able to keep at it every day and my camera wasn't cooperating to get photos uploaded so by the 3rd day I had decided that I have too much going on. My husband is getting ready for deployment, we are getting ready for our cross country trek and there's just so much to do before we leave that adding a creative activity to our craziness just didn't work out.

Kira and I designed a paper fireplace and a cloudy sky with balloons. I made a cat nip wonton and wanted to make a catnip eggroll but that will wait. The wonton was only a hit with Boris for about an hour and then he hasn't gone near it. Check out the 30 Days of Creativity web page for images of all the projects and the calendar of suggestions. It's a great page and I'll have to keep it in mind for next year!

The cat toy I project I posted a few weeks ago is a hit with Boris and he is just so funny, I am hoping to get a video of him this week and upload it so everyone can see how enjoyable the simple cat toy is. Boris is being a great help in dealing with the loss of my beloved Fizgig and I think it's helping him, too.

I'm going to attempt to blog on the road while we travel across the country and post at least one photo of the trip a day. First stop, Vegas, baby!

Oh, I have a few new videos up on youtube. I have been resurrecting old projects from film school as well as learning about computer editing. It has been so much fun and I keep looking for more things to do! Please go have a look and I hope you enjoy! You can search for me under naturalave.