Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sad day today (=^・・^=)

My kitty Fizgig died today. He had kidney failure. I rescued him from under my parents porch at 8 weeks old. Moving out here to California, I somehow lost the only photo I had of him as a kitten. Fizgig was 14 years and 7 months old. My other cat, Boris, just turned 15 and he is in perfect health. We were thinking of rehoming Boris, due to our travel plans and Fizgig's failing health, but Boris is great therapy for helping me deal with Fiz's loss, so he is staying in our house.

Fizgig has been my constant companion and best friend for so long that now being without him is like there's a part of me missing. He followed me around the house, cuddled with me at night, and loved sitting with me, even if it was on the floor at my feet. Fiz was with me before I met my husband. And you should always pay attention to your cats - since Fiz and Boris both liked Vic. They had met two other men and, well, they didn't like anyone else that I dated.

I have moved my kitties around a lot, but they seemed to have taken well to travel, even though they never liked car rides and hate carriers. Poor Boris, he now gets to travel by plane this summer. Boris is a crier, so he will let his dislike be known. Fiz always took things with a quiet dignity that I will miss.


My blog seems to be drifting around from topic to topic lately, and maybe I should have one blog for my crafting, one for personal stuff, and one for my writing. But I like using this as a journal for whatever wanders through my head. Any suggestions?

Keeping busy does help with the grief and keeping Boris close with his truly loud, strong purr helps, too. His passing was difficult. His downhill trip started Saturday night. We spent Saturday out at the Southern California Renaissance Faire and when we got home, neither cat would eat and Fiz wouldn't drink. Of course, it got progressively worse as the days passed. Fiz couldn't drink, or eat, had trouble walking, and started crying pretty much every moment he was awake. I didn't want to traumatize him by taking him to the vet and putting him down. I just couldn't have him killed, tho if I could have got him some pain meds it might have been an easier few days. He died very around 3 am (Pacific time). Please feel free to visit photos of mine on my Google+ page. I hope to find and add more pics soon.