Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nights in White Satin

This was a story I wrote in college that was a hit with my classmates and teachers. I did rewrite it into a novella, but it never went anywhere. I did submit it a few times in writing competitions but it didn't win, and novellas are hard to find a good market - I know since I've looked. Here's the short inspiration for the 13,000 word novella.

Nights in White Satin

She was standing on her second story balcony, watching the hotel courtyard and the night scenery.  Funny how things look better at night.  Then, he came up behind her and with a gentle caress up and down her arms soothed her.  He had surprised her, but she knew who it had to be.  She leaned back to him, relishing the feel of his strong body against hers.  She turned to gaze into his eyes - she knew who it was.
            He accompanied her to the courtyard of the hotel, enjoying each other's company.  They found a guitar, and he played a few lines for her..."Oh how I love you."  She smiled lovingly at him.  He took her to a secluded spot, away from any possibility of people seeing them.  A little table was sitting out for them with two glasses and an expensive bottle of champagne.  They sipped, and he grasped her hand in his and raised it to his lips.  He stood up, and gently pulled her to her feet.  He swung her around in a slow dance a few turns, then stopped, looking lovingly into her eyes.  He leaned his head down and lightly grazed his lips against hers.
            She came to her senses and looked around.  He was nowhere to be seen in her hotel room.  She sighed and listened to the final chords of "Nights in White Satin" play on the radio.  She looked out into the night from her balcony, leaning against the railing.  The concert had been fantastic . . . as always.  She looked down at the people walking along the paths below her and caught a glimpse of blond hair through the trees, wistfully wanting it to be him.  He was walking towards her.  He cleared the trees and it was he!  He looked up and saw her standing alone on her balcony, and he smiled, brilliantly.  She smiled back, and he walked on, leaving her line of sight.  She sighed...Ah, what a dream...

For the past few months I have been homeschooling Kira - my 6 year old. She was in full day kindergarten in Florida and when we came out here in February had to keep her out of school until March because we were in a hotel. In March after we moved into our apartment, we tried getting her into a local school but that was not fun. They wanted her to go into half day kindergarten - which is basically what she did in pre-school back in Florida. Seems like the school requirements are not nationalized which makes little to no sense to me. Why aren't the schools all across the country the same? Anyway, we enrolled her into a homeschool - we meet with a teacher once a week for her assignments.  This does mean she is getting first grade work, but its challenging for me since I don't get any time to my self. I have been spoiled since Kira entered pre-school when she got out of the house for a few hours and all day kindergarten was like vacation for me. I just hope that one of the schools we have signed her up has an opening for her in the fall. I see the benefits to homeschooling and class education and right now I am looking forward to Kira being in class!

How do parents who do this all the time have the patience to deal with the child all day and their work and still have time for themselves? And I only have one!

Looking into some crafting ideas - more to come!