Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Magic Trunk

Helped Kira craft her project today for her class. It's nice to craft with her but working with construction paper and glue isn't really what I want to be doing. We went to JoAnn's today and eyed the new Singer machine....sweet! I have some fabric and I brought my machine out here so will be sewing sometime next week, as long as Kira finishes her school work. Homeschooling is tough!

Here's the idea for the childrens story that I want to write. I have started it, but it isn't sounding engaging to me, yet. So editing, the bane of my existence, will be my next hurtle.


The Magic Trunk

A trunk turns a seven year old girl to a real princess where she discovers it isn’t all fairy tales and godmothers.

Chloe, Age 7
Short brown hair, very straight and fine; Brown eyes
 Very friendly, speaks what’s on her mind, loves to explore
Visiting Nana for the summer
·         Nana has an old farmhouse
·         lots of places to explore inside and outside
·         a large attic filled with treasure
·         large basement, smells musty
·         library with all sorts of books
·         outside is a playhouse and a small tree house
Chloe finds an old trunk in Nana’s attic filled with all sorts of costumes. She asks permission to explore the trunk and Nana grants it. Trying on one of the outfits - a princess dress, tiara, and slippers she is transported to a royal throne room. She has dreamt about being a real princess and not having to clean her room, and getting to eat whatever she wants, but she discovers that a real princess has real jobs and it’s really hard. To go home, she has to take off the tiara but it takes her awhile to figure that out.
She returns home and takes off the fancy things and tucks them safely in the trunk, enjoying her time as a princess but deciding she likes her life better.