Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cat toys

Cat toy project:
Want to create a cheap and easy toy for your cat? Well, here's one. Since cats prefer things that cost little to no money (the box the expensive toy comes in, the bag you brought the toy home in), I came up with this simple toy after I had made a head band for a hippie costume I made one Halloween. The cat got the head band and I had a new cat toy idea!

Yarn cat toy
You will need to pick out a few colors of yarn. I chose three colors: mint green, light green, dark green. But you can use less or more. To measure the yarn I just stretched out my arms and went from hand to hand, so about 5 feet per cut. I did two strands per color totalling 6 strands. This makes the toy thin but not too easy for the cat to grab. I am planning to try 4 strands per color to see how fat the toy gets.

Combine your colors and tie a knot on one end. Then braid - a simple three strand braid works, but you could experiment with other braid types. When you get to the end, tie another knot. I have been looking for weighted pom poms, the kind with a ball in the middle that you can buy as cat toys. I did use one for another toy that I sent with Tamina (the cat we left behind in Florida). This one doesn't have a pom pom. The reason to add the pom would be that it puts weight on one end so it's easier to throw to go catting.

I am thinking of putting these up on my Etsy page for fun with a pom pom on the end to see if there is interest. If you have any thoughts or suggestions about the toy, please let me know. It's a fun little project to make for your cat and they will have fun with it. You can even rub some cat nip on the end of the braid to get their attention - you know cats love their nip!

 Away from crafting:
I have been watching The Big C on Showtime - and am really loving that show. It has this ridiculous motivational thing going on right now that just strikes a chord with me. Paul (Kathy's husband) has a blog and is now on the motivational circuit and what he's been saying and what the motivational guru has been saying have really meant something to me, as corny as that may sound. Find your joy and flip your switch. Find what makes you happy and if something isn't making you happy, flip the switch inside yourself to change the way you feel and look for some way to change your outlook. Only you can make yourself happy and only you can choose how you live. Go out there, ask why not, and find your passion!