Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm back! And I am doing my first show!

Finally back from my hiatus! I spent an interesting 6 weeks with my parents and am happy to be back in southwest Florida. My daughter is in Kindergarten and having a blast.

I am doing my first show! It's in Lehigh Acres on Saturday, September 17th from10-4pm at the Majestic Golf Club. Please come out. It's for Constitution Day. I will be selling my flower boxes, my snowflake ornaments, some bracelets, and some cards. I will also be performing my flute for a little bit, and probably throughout the day, depending on how busy the day is. Please come out and say hi!

I am doing more and more music, playing my flute, working on my singing and practicing guitar. I have a new Fender Bass that I am starting to work with - nice bass! I was considering joining a band, but am not sure I'm quite ready for that. I am planning to make a cd of my flute, performing Christmas music. Stay tuned for that!

My daughter will again be doing the 31 days of Halloween. She loves being able to wear 31 different costumes throughout the month of October. This way, she doesn't have to choose just one costume, though she does have trouble deciding which one goes trick-or-treating! I hope to post some photos of her many costumes here throughout the month of October. I do post them on Facebook.

Happy Autumn to everyone and hope you have a wonderful harvest time!