Sunday, March 13, 2011

Think Spring

Yes, even here in Florida where the weather is mostly constant through the winter months, we look forward to spring. In honor of Spring - all items in my shop are 15% off until Monday, March 21. Just enter HOLIDAYSALE at checkout!

I am slowly changing my photos to the new backgrounds. Since we do live in a Florida house that was built after hurricane Katrina, we deal with Chinese drywall and all of my lovely jewelry is tarnishing. So I am in the process of getting everything cleaned. All of my items on Etsy are clean, so no need to worry about receiving a tarnished item. I am planning on getting some anti-tarnish cloth to protect my items! I will hopefully be making some pouches with that cloth as well. Getting items photographed and seeing the tarnish has been driving my crazy. Also adjusting the lighting and re-learning how to use my camera has been a challenge, but I think I have it figured out. I only have one item posted with the new set-up, but it's a start, right?

I have my new work room mostly set up. I have a desk with a computer. My Nana's sewing machine table is in the corner with my machine on it, ready to open up when my hubby gets around to filling the space left by the old machine. The closet has shelves and is pretty organized. This room has become my multi-function room. I do my writing in here, my crafting, and will be practicing my music in here as well.

New boxes coming soon. I said I would get all twelve flower boxes on my Etsy page and that is my goal for this year. To get all twelve made and photographed. I have two new ones. Carnation for January and  Sweet Pea for April. That leaves February to do and I'll have the first four months of the year (plus December!) done. Just eight left total...sigh

Have a happy St Patrick's Day and enjoy my Team Fest Treasury to hold you over!