Saturday, November 12, 2011

What a wild and crazy time!

If you've wondered why I haven't posted a blog since September, it's because of two things - the 31 days of Halloween in October and now the NaNoWriMo - tho I am not doing as well as I'd hoped with that.

The 31 days of Halloween were a blast this year - Kira (my 6 year old daughter) wore some costumes for the last time. And we have added some new costumes to her trunk. She loves having 31 costumes to wear instead of one or two just for trick or treating! And all the different events we go to let her show off this craziness! If you would like to see photos, please head over to my Flickr album.

I did well at my first live show back in September - had some real interest in my items and ended up with a large order of greeting cards. That was cool! I have added my snowflakes back to my Etsy page - all of the ones I have made - I need more beads! I would have more jewelry on my site, but my silver findings are tarnishing much quicker than they should be and since once I've made an item it can sit around for awhile I need to find a way to protect it once it is finished to keep it from tarnishing.

This year I am participating NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writers Month - the goal is  50,000 words in 30 days. I am really behind on my word count. I haven't won NaNo since 2007, so I am out of practice. Even with a half decent idea, I get stuck. I read a shirt that said, "Writer's Block - when your imaginary friends won't talk to you." That's about where I am right now. I'll have to throw some craziness into my novel just to keep the word count up.

In my next blog I am considering a lesson in how to make a gift box out of plastic canvas. As soon as I work out the steps, I will post the lesson with photos. What a daunting task! I have been asked to sell directions to some of my pieces - so I think this is a good start.

Well, back to writing and creating more items for my shop!
Have a Happy Turkey Day! Gobble gobble

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm back! And I am doing my first show!

Finally back from my hiatus! I spent an interesting 6 weeks with my parents and am happy to be back in southwest Florida. My daughter is in Kindergarten and having a blast.

I am doing my first show! It's in Lehigh Acres on Saturday, September 17th from10-4pm at the Majestic Golf Club. Please come out. It's for Constitution Day. I will be selling my flower boxes, my snowflake ornaments, some bracelets, and some cards. I will also be performing my flute for a little bit, and probably throughout the day, depending on how busy the day is. Please come out and say hi!

I am doing more and more music, playing my flute, working on my singing and practicing guitar. I have a new Fender Bass that I am starting to work with - nice bass! I was considering joining a band, but am not sure I'm quite ready for that. I am planning to make a cd of my flute, performing Christmas music. Stay tuned for that!

My daughter will again be doing the 31 days of Halloween. She loves being able to wear 31 different costumes throughout the month of October. This way, she doesn't have to choose just one costume, though she does have trouble deciding which one goes trick-or-treating! I hope to post some photos of her many costumes here throughout the month of October. I do post them on Facebook.

Happy Autumn to everyone and hope you have a wonderful harvest time!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

July Sizzling summer FEST Giveaway

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July Sizzling Summer FEST GIVEAWAY

Summer is sizzling and so is our FEST Blog Giveaway for July from GardenWhimsiesByMary . Mary has combined her love of gardening with decorating and producing gorgeous unexpected treasures to add whimsy to your garden. Her pieces are one of a kind garden art and so colorful and fun as seen in this month’s Giveaway - a Sapphire Blue Petite Plate Flower.
Mary stacks plates for “flower” garden stakes and fits them with a holder on the back so they can be set on a copper pipe and placed anywhere. Her amazing talent for combing colors and textures is evident in all of her works of art. An added benefit is her love for bringing new life to objects that might otherwise find themselves in a landfill. Treat your garden to a touch of Whimsy!

HOW TO ENTER: Visit the Team FEST blog and Enter to win by visiting Mary at GardenWhimsiesByMary or any of the FEST Team members listed in the Member Section. Find your favorite item, share it with us and tell us why you love it. Remember to add your email address so we can contact you if you are the Winner! Winner picked on 08/07/11. Simple and Easy!

The giveaway is open to everyone!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Coupon code and vacation announcement!

The summer weather is here, and the time to relax by the pool or at the beach, or just while away your summer hours! And FeyFripperies will be taking the summer off. From June 12th through August 1st.

But if you are looking for a bargain on your favorite items in my shop, I am offering 40% off this week only! Just enter 40PERCENT at checkout as your coupon code.

Have a great summer and I'll see you in the dog days of August!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

FEST: June Blog Giveaway

Our lucky June Winner will have an opportunity to select one item from either of Carrie's Shops - HappyLittleMonkey or MonkeySeeMonkeyDo. Carrie is a Florida native now living in Tallahassee. She creates wonderful products for kids with practicality, utility and parents in mind.

HappyLittleMonkey specializes in great baby gifts and you can choose a Premium Swaddling Blanket and Burp Cloth Set from this Shop similar to this lovely blue, aqua and white blanket combo as your Giveaway.

MonkeySeeMonkeyDo features items for bigger kids, from age 1 to around kindergarten and growing. Or select as your Giveaway, an Appliqued Shirt from this Shop. Here's an example of Carrie's special designs.

Carrie spends hours searching for just the perfect materials and fabrics for her fabulous creations and, in addition to the Giveaway, if Team FEST members purchase a Swaddling Blanket Set by July 4th, Carrie will monogram the blanket or burp cloth FREE when FEST members use the code GOTEAMFEST in the comments.

HOW TO ENTER: Enter to win by visiting Carrie at either or both of her Shops HappyLittleMonkey or MonkeySeeMonkeyDo or any of the FEST Team members listed in the Member Section. Find your favorite item, share it with us and tell us why you love it. Remember to add your email address so we can contact you if you are the Winner! Winner picked on 07/04/11. Simple and Easy!

About the Artist:
Carrie is a stay-at-home mommy of two little ones and loves the opportunity to create great things! Her product inspiration comes from her kids, and then she create things that Moms will love too.
Carrie learned how to sew as a little girl, along-side her mother who gave Carrie her very own machine at a very young age!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

May Daze Blog Giveaway

The FEST Team proudly presents our May Daze BLOG GIVEAWAY selection from Laura of Tierrasolpaz. Laura is an accomplished artist who enjoys creating mixed media art, jewelry, photography, zines, stationary, decoupage pieces, paper crafts - anything that materials may inspire her with. Laura uses recycled materials, or follows an upcycle philosophy whenever possible helping to keep the final cost of her creations affordable to the buyer. She is proud to be part of the etsy community of independent designers, creators, artists, and crafters alike.

Her giveaway is a stunningly beautiful and glorious sunset over water with mountains in the background of Lake Mead in Las Vegas, Nevada. The photograph will be delivered as an 8 x 10 glossy professionally printed picture. (image above)

HOW TO ENTER: Visit the team blog post May Daze BLOG GIVEAWAY to enter to win the lovely and colorful photograph by visiting Laura at Tierrasolpaz or any of the FEST Team Members listed in the Member Section. Find your favorite item, share it with us and tell us why you love it. Remember to leave your email or contact info so we can reach you if you're the lucky winner. The winner will be picked on June 4rd. Simple and Easy!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What's New

The past 30 days have been great! An item of mine was in a treasury for the first time.

And I have a special order that I am working on that will be finished tomorrow.

I have two more boxes available in my store and things are going swimmingly. I could do with more sales, but I need to get more items up for sale.

On a lower note, most of the jewelry I had made to sell in my store has tarnished and is not polishing. So I have taken it all apart and am slowly remaking the pieces. The pieces currently for sale in my shop are fine.

Friends of mine have just opened a shop in their house, Weaver's Sweet Treats. I am trying to convince them to sell on Etsy or have my husband build them a website. I wish them all the best and as soon as they gets a menu available, I will be ordering from them!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Think Spring

Yes, even here in Florida where the weather is mostly constant through the winter months, we look forward to spring. In honor of Spring - all items in my shop are 15% off until Monday, March 21. Just enter HOLIDAYSALE at checkout!

I am slowly changing my photos to the new backgrounds. Since we do live in a Florida house that was built after hurricane Katrina, we deal with Chinese drywall and all of my lovely jewelry is tarnishing. So I am in the process of getting everything cleaned. All of my items on Etsy are clean, so no need to worry about receiving a tarnished item. I am planning on getting some anti-tarnish cloth to protect my items! I will hopefully be making some pouches with that cloth as well. Getting items photographed and seeing the tarnish has been driving my crazy. Also adjusting the lighting and re-learning how to use my camera has been a challenge, but I think I have it figured out. I only have one item posted with the new set-up, but it's a start, right?

I have my new work room mostly set up. I have a desk with a computer. My Nana's sewing machine table is in the corner with my machine on it, ready to open up when my hubby gets around to filling the space left by the old machine. The closet has shelves and is pretty organized. This room has become my multi-function room. I do my writing in here, my crafting, and will be practicing my music in here as well.

New boxes coming soon. I said I would get all twelve flower boxes on my Etsy page and that is my goal for this year. To get all twelve made and photographed. I have two new ones. Carnation for January and  Sweet Pea for April. That leaves February to do and I'll have the first four months of the year (plus December!) done. Just eight left total...sigh

Have a happy St Patrick's Day and enjoy my Team Fest Treasury to hold you over!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day

I have been lax in my blogging, so I guess I am already failing my resolution of writing in my blog more often. But I have been productive! I had a request for three of my "Letter to Santa" mailbox ornament. That was thrilling! I didn't even think of offering to personalize the letter to someone as well as selling it as it is, so I now have a new offering!

Letter to Santa Mailbox in my Etsy shop.

I have been trying the current Etsy shop makeover to make my shop more appealing. There are several challenges each week. I have changed the way I am doing my photos and have added some backgrounds, and I am working on taking new photos of all items in my shop. I have only just begun, and it's a more difficult challenge than I thought. I am also rewriting the copy with each those items that have been changed and am trying to create a story to go with each item. Some are easier to write than others, and it's a work in progress.

I have a new idea for an item in my shop but am still trying to work out if it's doable. I also need to work on more of the month flower boxes that I have, there are twelve boxes total, one for each month. I have been trying to personalize them, but it isn't an easy task - there's no room on the tops with the flowers and it doesn't seem to work on the side, so I'll keep at it. I might add a tag or piece of the flower that hangs off the side with a place for a name.