Friday, September 24, 2010

31 Days of Halloween (costumes)

Last Halloween, my daughter Kira had 31 Halloween costumes for all of the 31 days of October. (Photos are on my facebook page). This year we shall be doing it again! So far I have made 2 dresses - a Chinese style dress and and Alice in Wonderland dress. Call me crazy, but this is neat!

There will be some repeats from last year (just because) and costumes from last year are being re-purposed for new costumes this year. Kira is looking forward to the Halloween adventure. It makes dressing up more than just one night asking for candy. We try to find activities so she can wear her costumes out and about. For instance, the Disney store has a Halloween event that we attended last year and will try to attend this year. We went to a Halloween book reading at Borders, and even entered Kira in a costume contest (she won!). Since her birthday and mine are both in October, it's something we do together - though I don't dress up nearly as much as she does!

I am most proud of the Alice in Wonderland dress this year. I took my Maid of Honor dress (which was a periwinkle blue - shown to the left) and reworked it to create the Alice dress. The bodice had embroidered silver flowers which were lovely and I was able to incorporate that into the bodice of Kira's dress. The dress is two or three sizes too big for Kira (because I wanted to leave room for her to grow - I am against buying outfits that last one or two special event wearings!).

I have also come to the conclusion that I do not like Mandarin collars from working on the Chinese style dress. Whew! Tough dress.

I have a few more pieces to create - a poodle skirt (need fabric for it), and a caped hood for Little Red Riding Hood, but all in all we are getting close to being set for this October. The only challenge is creating a Hit Girl costume. So you'll have to wait and see if I pull it off! Photos of each day will be on my facebook page.