Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The theme

So I've been doing a lot of research into the types of theme weddings there are and have come up with the most notable themes. I have 10. That does not mean there aren't more ideas, but these are the ones I will focus on so my entire package doesn't get too overwhelmed! The themes are sometimes interchangeable (meaning one theme may have some parts that will carry over to another).

The themes I have come up with are:
1) Medieval or Renaissance
2) Ancient Roman, Greek or Egyptian
3) Fairy Tale
4) Victorian (Old West and American Civil War)
5) Titanic (Edwardian)
6) Masquerade or Mardi Gras
7) French Revolution, American Colonial, Pirate
8) Viking, Scottish, Irish
9) Regency or Georgian (Jane Austen period)

10) Russian or Spy

Each of these should automatically conjure up an image which is why I have chosen these. There are many, many more. For instance, I left out holiday and seasonal for the obvious reason that those should be easy to create a theme. I also left out the decades of the 20th century from the 20s onward, but I think those decades are somewhat easy to build around. I have chosen the harder themes, where you may love the style but not have a clue as to how to create a celebration using that style.

The only theme I think could be troublesome would be the Fairy Tale theme, but I am making that a broad term - in that it encompasses the prince/princess idea. This could fall under Medieval/Renaissance or could have it's own with Arabian Nights, but I thought it might be simpler and easier to lump the idea into one category.

The only reason I have included Viking, Scottish, Irish, and Russian in as themes, and no other obvious nationalities, is the popularity in the styles. There are so many Irish and Scottish festivals all over the country. So even if you aren't Scottish or Irish you may want to have a wedding with those elements. Same for Viking, especially with the movie "How to Train Your Dragon" being released, the idea of a Viking wedding could be intriguing to some. Russian has it's own spot because unlike the other three, it has a very distinct feel. The Russian theme can be taken in two ways, as a traditional Doctor Zhivago or Anastasia, to the cold war era with spies and the like (glamor!)

  Next blog - locations!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


If you read my last blog, you know that I challenged myself to get myself organized and put my book thing together for creating a themed wedding. There was a book that came out that is called "Storybook Weddings" that I am using as my base. It's a good idea in theory, but the book is just a collection of ideas aimed for the titillation or goofiness of a themed wedding instead of the wow or elegance factor. I think brides want to show their personality and creativity, not how campy their wedding could be.

So for my start I have gathered ideas for invitations. There are so many great invitations coming from the printers now - it's easier than ever to get a themed wedding invite. However, they are still very expensive. I created my own invitations for my wedding. They were very simple and ended up being only a few dollars a piece, that's including the cost of the paper, the return envelopes, the ink I used, the mailing tubes we purchase, and the cost to mail them. And the comments I received made the work I put in worth it! So, how did I create my own wedding invite for only a few dollars? I printed the invite out on parchment paper, cut the tops and bottoms with special scissors, and colored portions of the invite with metallic pens. Then I used the same font on the RSVP cards and envelopes. Then the invites were rolled, tied with ribbon, and placed into a mailing tube - like a missive used to be sent. The cost to mail each tube - 99 cents.

And after going over what I did to put my invites together, I wondered what other ways could an invitation be sent, showing the theme of the event, and yet be more memorable or personal than the mass produced invites. So that's what I'm working on now, describing the ways to create invites for themed events. And even if your event is a regular wedding with no specific theme, it's still the only day in our lives where we (the bride and groom) are the absolute center of attention. And what better way to show your personality as a couple than with the invitation?

Friday, May 7, 2010

What do I want?

So I've watched "The Women" and "Julie and Julia" and have asked myself the questions "What do I want?"

I come up with all sorts of answers. I want to open a ballroom where anyone can go to dance, maybe offer some lessons, but mostly just a place to socialize and dance. Then I want to write a novel. Nothing earth-shattering, just my words on paper, published. Then I want to have a small shop selling jewelry, not necessarily my simple pieces, but something whimsical and fun. And last I want to be a performer, maybe with other flute players or maybe singing in a band again.

So then I looked back at what I have done from this list:
* I was a singer in a band - it was my brother's band, and we only played one gig at a high school. We mostly played in the basement or the garage. And the music was all covers, we never did perform anything of our own that I can remember.
* I have been in a flute choir - that was lots of fun, playing at retirement communities and malls and such, just to have the pleasure of performing for other people.
* Then I have written "novels" in the NaNoWriMo. They never seem to get anywhere but I have done it. More than once I might add.
* I was a ballroom dance instructor with Arthur Murray for 2 years and still dance, though not as often as I'd like. It's difficult to go out and dance since hubby doesn't dance (yet) but we still go out, though not since we've moved since there isn't a plain ballroom here.
* And finally I make my own jewelry. It's beading and I want to expand a little into simple handbags and bridal accessories, but I am happy with my creations and can hope that other people find them interesting, too.

So that's what I've done and want to do. I'm looking back over the past 10 years since my hubby and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary this summer. I really have done everything I wanted to do as a child. I wanted to be a dancer - and hey, I did that. I wanted to be an actress - I did that, maybe only in local Philly music videos, but I did it. I have written a novel, though none have been published (yet - I will keep saying that). And I was in a band and am a musician, so I really have done what I wanted to do. I don't make a living doing any of them, I stay at home with my little girl. But I don't feel like I missed out. But I'm at a point when I want to do more.

So I'm looking at what I can do for now while I work out how to get everything I want going. And I'm going to start by putting together a brochure or something about how I put my wedding together. I thought it would be a good way to celebrate a 10 year anniversary and I've had a lot of questions from friends about how I did my themed wedding, so that's my project for the next few weeks. Wedding season is here, so maybe it'll even have some interest. I love parties, so my ideas could be themed for any party, not just a wedding.

Well there. I've sent my challenge for myself out into the net, and I will keep you up to date on how I'm doing. And when it's done, I'll have a copy for sale at my etsy site. The deadline will be my anniversary - July 21st. Appropriate, don't you think?!