Thursday, March 4, 2010

Up and Coming

Spring will be arriving soon and I think that's a good thing since this winter has been so strange! Too much snow in the north and not enough warmth in the south and snow reported in 49 states! (Hawaii had no snow and they have snow on their mountains frequently - go figure).

I am adding some spring items to FeyFripperies. I am very fond of making things from plastic canvas - comes honestly, my nana made things for me out of it. So I thought I would see if anyone else liked them, too. I have a bunny basket and that is so labor intensive that it will be the only one I post this year. If it sells, I will make another for next year. I am also putting some gift boxes on the site with flowers of the month. March is the only one so far, but I will be adding April soon, and probably May. I have been toying with the idea of adding birth stones to the boxes as those seem popular, but I'll see how it goes.

As for jewelry, I have some flower earrings I hope to get up this week, perfect for spring. I just have to get the right photos. The color seems to be off.

And I will (promise) be ordering some silver anti-tarnish fabric and make some jewelry bags. It seems that there is a demand for these and no one is making them. I have some patterns for jewelry bags - I just need the fabric. I think the reason there aren't many of the bags is that the anti-tarnish fabric is rather expensive. I'll have to be thrifty when I make the bags and get the most out of the fabric I buy.

I'm also wondering what other products that are jewelry related that I can add. The baskets and boxes can hold jewelry and can be good gifts, the jewelry bags are for carrying jewelry, and then I am thinking of trying my hand at purses and jewelry and purses go together so well!

Stay tuned for the new items on my site!