Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ok, so I am a lazy blogger

Yes, it's almost October and this is my first post in months. But hopefully, now I'll get back into making jewelry. I'm moving into the realm of bags, but my first two experiments were a little disappointing, so I'll need much more practice on that front. I would like to offer jewelry rolls and purses as well as jewelry, since it makes sense to offer them together and gives me the chance of reaching a larger audience/customer base.
The neighborhood is having a community yard sale, so I am planning on offering my jewelry and items for sale. Seems like a good chance to try a hand at selling my things in person instead of online. And I've fallen behind on my etsy page, so bear with me. I really need to get a good lighting kit to light my jewelry. The problem I have with my pieces is getting good resolution at the macro setting and getting the lighting right. But I will get some more pieces up even with the sub-par photos.

I am thinking I will offer to create pieces for anyone. Not sure how I want to go about it, but I am contemplating.