Monday, June 22, 2009


I feel horrible that I don't have anything new to add to my site. I got a necklace/earring stand and a bracelet stand and when I take photos with them, they all turn out blurry or too dark. So I'm going to have to purchase something different for photos, and save those for displays (whenever I get around to doing that).

I'm thinking of trying a home demonstration. I want to add much more product before then, and I want to add purses and jewelry pouches. So I'm going to order some anti-tarnish fabric and use that to line the pouches.

I hope to get some more photos and product onto my Etsy page. I've just been busy with flute choir and the ballroom dancing competition that I have let the jewelry slide and I really didn't want to let that happen. Life tends to interfere with other projects. It would help if I had a room I could retreat into to do jewelry and sewing and writing, but I don't, so I make do. Plus, Kira is a rambunctious three year old and she needs a lot of attention. I hope we can get her into public pre-school in the fall.