Thursday, April 30, 2009

First Blog

Fey Fripperies: My jewelry that I started creating just for myself. I received compliments and it was suggested to me to start selling it. Well, that's easier said than done, but I jumped in and now have a small shop on Etsy. It is a learning experience! I want to do more and I need to get more supplies to make more pieces. I also have some ideas that will hopefully give me more of a niche. There are many jewelry stores on Etsy and each one needs something that differentiates it from the neighbors.

So I went to a QVC show to see the Kirk's Folly show (live studio audience) and got some display ideas. It was a great deal of fun. It was me, my mom, my husband, and our three and a half year old daughter, Kira. She was the only child in the audience. For some reason she was not allowed to be shown on air. Whatever. She sang her ABCs for the studio audience and they liked it. She was very well behaved for a two hour show and no lunch.

This weekend, we're off to the PA Fairie Festival in Glen Rock, PA. But of course the weather for this weekend is iffy - so what to wear??? I would love to have a booth at the festival or maybe take the flute choir I am in - Flutopia - to perform. We missed the deadline to perform. And I am not ready to have a booth yet. I don't have enough product and I don't have my act in gear enough to get a booth. Though I think it would be loads of fun (and work of course).

As far as new product for my shop, I have been thinking of simple survival kits for brides and bridesmaids, vacations with small children (since I have a small child), and holidays. I need to come up with the bags I want to use and then have items I plan to include in the little kits. As well as a list of suggestions for any other items that can be added. Well, it sounds like a good idea and there aren't any out there that I can find. I have found lists of items that should be included but no one is offering bags full of things. So that's my goal for May.

As well as my shop, and the flute choir, I have to finish my novel. I have a novel partially written, it needs some major editing and rewriting and I am just hemming and hawing about getting it completed. Though if I can actually get this finished, I can attempt to sell it and that would help our financial situation. Well, if I sold it, that is.

Hopefully I'll have some more of my jewelry posted on the shop soon - I have some peices that need to be added, but I need a decent display stand to photo them. And I think I need a light box, since I have to rely on the spring sunlight, which may be sporadic.